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apartment hunting tips and tricks

Apartment Searching Tips and Tricks

Many people these days seem to focus on only one way of looking at things. This is completely fine since growing up we got used to it because that’s maybe how everyone else saw it as well. When it comes to apartment hunting, you cannot focus on the old ways of searching for a place. […]

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Find apts in slc now

Find an apartment in Salt Lake City Now

Searching for the right apartment is a time-consuming process that we all have to go through. It’s more dull than knife that hasn’t been sharpened for 10 years. The only thing that makes it exciting or fun is if the apartments you look at are exactly the ones that we want to live in. Now if you’re like […]

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Apartments for rent in Salt Lake City

Things to do in Salt Lake City

  If you are currently living, visiting, or planning to move to Utah, we have compiled a list of things to do and see while you’re in the Great Salt Lake. From the outdoors to the shopping and city life, Utah has many great things to offer, amongst them is their best known ski resort […]

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Apartments in Salt Lake City, UT

Finding an Apartment before moving

Change is something we all have to accept whether we like it or not, it is inevitable and hard, but we all get used to it soon enough. When you decide to move somewhere new, it will be hard and difficult, but if you properly prepare for it, then it will make the transition that […]

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How much does rent cost in salt lake city

Average Cost of Rent in Salt Lake City

  If your looking to move over to good ole Utah, than you best find out what its going to cost you to live here. I did some research for you about the different areas in Utah and how much it will cost you to live in a certain region.   SALT LAKE CITY This […]

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Apartments in Salt Lake City Near Trax

Apartments in Salt Lake City close to Trax Station

  Are you looking to move closer to public transportation? Having the Trax, UTA, and Frontrunner near where you live is ideal for us when we want to commute. Here are some apartments in Utah that are near the Trax station. Alpine Meadows Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and settle into the […]

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Apartments for rent in Salt Lake City

5 Reason to live in Salt Lake City

It seems that we all are looking to move to a better place with more opportunity and growth. Someplace that isn’t a big city and not a rural farm area. A place that our kids can grow up, but also be able to enjoy single living. Below are just five reasons among many other reason on […]

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Fairstone at Riverview Apartments in, UT

Pet Friendly Apartments in Salt Lake City

  Looking for a place for you and your furry friend? Want to live in a community that is pet friendly and willing to make it easier for Pet owners? Well check out these apartments that offered just that and more! Some with Bark Parks and others with Pet washes in the apartment complex.   […]

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apts salt lake city: elmwood slc

Apartment hunting in Salt Lake City

  When I first decided to move out, I had no idea what kind of chaos laid ahead. It took me several months to find a place, get settled in, and then immediately regret my decision. I didn’t do my research of what to look for and what to lookout for. I wish I had compiled a […]

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Apartment for Rent in Salt Lake City, Utah

Searching for a new retro apartment? One that is luxurious and cost-efficient,  has all the features you are looking for and no neighbors above or below, well look no further, Sandpiper Apartments  is the premier apartment community in Salt Lake City, UT.  At Sandpiper, home becomes a place that transcends location. The amenities, pool, outdoor spaces, […]

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