NSL looks at lowering crime at apartment rental in Salt Lake City

apts salt lake city: rental in salt lake cityAs a follow up to my article on apartment rental in Salt Lake City I found this and wanted to link to it.
The Salt Lake City city council is looking for ways to cut crime and savbe money. They are considering one that would reward landlords for not renting to people with criminal or drug use convictions within the past three years.
“It’s really an increase in cooperation and communication with landlords to increase the quality of our city’s rental units,” said North Salt Lake Community Development Director Ken Leetham.
Currently the city is looking at data from other cities in Utah wo use the program to determine if it would be beneficial to Salt Lake City.
If it is approved landlords will be required to go to the extra trouble and expense to do background checks on potential tennants. The city will compensate the landlords by reducing fees for business licenses according to the folks at http://www.clippertoday.com/view/full_story/13375360/article-NSL-looks-at-lowering-crime-in-apartments?instance=secondary_stories_left_column.
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