Rent Salt Lake City and Sugarhouse Apartments and Join the Community Garden Craze

apts salt lake city: com gardenAs a follow up to my article on rent Salt Lake City I found this and wanted to link to it.

If you like gardening and are looking for apartments to rent, Salt Lake City and Sugarhouse have some great community gardens.

Beautiful gardens cover an area that used to be a tennis courts in Sugarhouse. Now vegetables of every kind can be seen growing on the site.

“It’s been great to see how many people were interested,” said project instigator and area resident Heidi Spence.

The garden operates on a first come first serve basis and is a great opportunity for apartment dewllers who rent Salt Lake City and Sugarhouse apartments to grow theeir own food according to the folks at

How about you?  Any luck finding a place to rent?  Salt Lake City has some. Comment below.

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