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10 Salt Lake Non-Profits Making A Difference

by Isabella Housel

Are you interested in the Salt Lake non-profits that are making a difference? Whether you want to volunteer or donate, it’s awesome to see the progress that each of these organizations is making in our community. With diverse services, these programs are able to provide so many resources for residents of Salt Lake City. There is so much that each person can do to give back to their local community. Volunteering is also a perfect way to start. First, learn more about the programs below, then share your voice. Learn more about a few non-profits that are creating change now!

The Children’s Center

The Children’s Center is a non-profit in Salt Lake City that provides mental health care to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, as well as their families. TCC is known for many reasons, as a staple in the mental health world in Utah. For over 50 years, they have helped so many families and provided resources for people all over. With volunteer support, TCC is continually spreading love in Salt Lake.

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Soap2Hope is a non-profit agency that helps build awareness of women, men, and teenagers who have been sexually exploited. Their mission also provides hygiene resources to people facing addictions, abuse, and trauma within the local Salt Lake Area. This program also bridges gaps and helps others to fight many barriers. Soap2Hope has a volunteer program that spreads advocacy and hope on a consistent basis.

House of Hope

House of Hope is a non-profit agency that provides recovery for women, and mothers with substance use disorders. It began in 1946 and continues to help to rebuild lives, strengthen families, and empower women. It includes a variety of treatment options that are designed for women and their children. House of Hope also offers a volunteer program that allows Salt Lake to get involved.

Women of the World

Women of the World started in 2009 and focuses on helping displaced women make Salt Lake City their home. They engage in programs, and partnerships that connect women and volunteers with strength, and success. Women of the World hosts a lot of events including their annual Fashion Show. It is always a special night for everyone involved!

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Odyssey House

Odyssey House provides a large scale level of care for substance use and has given a wide variety of resources for people to access at any point. It started as a residential treatment program for men but has since grown into offering much more. Now, Odyssey House focuses on growing at the pace the community needs it too. The programs within this organization have helped many to ensure lifelong success.

Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing quality, and affordable daycare services to children, and adults based on their ability to pay. The Neighborhood House officially opened nearly 125 years ago. Since then it has been a huge resource for families in Salt Lake. They offer toddler, preschool, afterschool, and also summer programs at a sliding fee scale.

The Haven

The Haven in Salt Lake City offers residential treatment services for veterans, individuals with little to no income, and the homeless. They also provide affordable treatment to a highly diverse population. With diverse services, they’re able to ensure that they provide what the community needs, at the time that they need it. Their programs include individual therapy, case management, weekly family workshops, life skills training, recreation, and team building.

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The YWCA is a non-profit in Salt Lake that focuses on fighting racism and helping women. Since 1906, YWCA works together to promote women’s rights. They offer family violence services, leadership opportunities, and advocacy. They also founded the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center. This center provides private, and free services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, and stalking. YWCA is making such an incredible impact on Salt Lake!

Rescue Mission Of Salt Lake

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake is a faith-based program that helps the homeless to restore their life. There are a few locations throughout Salt Lake City. The Rescue Mission is focused on spreading love, as well as seeing people’s lives change. Their goal is to also help others achieve sobriety, employment, and housing. With a volunteer program, the community can get involved at many levels.


HEAL Utah assists in helping Utah’s environment and public health challenges. This organization focuses on clean air energy, climate change, and more. Through well-researched actions, HEAL Utah is able to make a big difference to the world around us.

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