13 Things To Do In Salt Lake City During The Spring

1 – Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival 

If you’re looking for things do in Salt Lake City during the Spring, then you definitely need to stop by the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival sometime between April 10-May 9. It is a stunning event that is full of gorgeous flowers, and not just tulips. Here, you can enjoy 15 themed gardens that highlight different arrangements. Throughout the festival, there will be a variety of events such as concerts, 5k’s, and much more. If you want to save money, it will be best to buy your tickets in advance.

2 – Afternoon Tea Party at Grand America 

At Grand America, you can gather with your friends, and connect with others over traditional tea time. This one of a kind activity provides you with a unique experience. Here, you can enjoy fine elegance while also relaxing. There are delicious food options and a variety of music, and conversations. Discover a fabulous afternoon, and step into spring with a tea party. Dress up, and go fancy, or just enjoy pure relaxation.

3 – Salt Lake Bees Baseball Game 

Starting at the beginning of April, The Salt Lake Bees begin their season! Going to a Bee’s game in the spring is perfect because the weather is just right. In the summer, the games are often very hot, and some are a little overcrowded. It can be the ideal weekend or week-day activity, and the tickets are super affordable. Don’t forget to order the delicious Dryers’s ice cream that comes in a take-home Bee’s mini helmet while you’re there. For the Bee’s spring schedule – click here.

4- Red Butte Garden Concerts

Starting in late April, and at the beginning of May, you can enjoy a variety of live music concerts at Red Butte Garden. Every week there is an outdoor concert series that highlights different types of music. Red Butte Garden is a beautiful destination at the foothills of the mountains. It is a stunning, and relaxing way to take in the fresh air. You can buy a membership for the entire season, or just find the concerts that you really want to go to! Sit back, and enjoy the great music.

5- Salt Lake Capitol Cherry Blossoms

Every year, the trees surrounding the Salt Lake City Capitol building begin to blossom. This makes for an extroadinary collection of beauty. Around the Capitol, there are many walking trails, along with opportunities to sit down. You could simply walk around, have a picnic, or take pictures. It is the ideal free activity, and one of the best ways to start off the spring season. The trees normally bloom around late-March to early-April so keep an eye out for these trees during your drive downtown.

6 – The Farm at Gardner Village 

The Farm at Gardner Village is a fun, and family-friendly activity that is great for all ages. Not to mention, Gardner Village rescues the animals and then houses them. It is a great way for anyone to get a closer look at a variety of animals, and to even get the chance to hold them. Children can also volunteer with the animals if they’re above the age of 12. The farm will start in May and then continue throughout the entire summer.

7- Hike The Living Room 

The Living Room is a back-trail hike that is surrounded by stunning wildflowers and it ends with an incredible view. The hike is rated as medium-difficulty. The name “The Living Room” came from the fact that at the end of the hike, there are rocks that have formed to resemble couches. The stunning views continue all throughout the hike, so even if you don’t make it to the top, it would still be worth it. The snow is slowly melting up there, so make sure that if you go, you take shoes that could get muddy.

8- REAL Salt Lake Game 

The REAL Salt Lake Soccer team has started their season, and the games are a blast! You can purchase season tickets or single-game tickets. Either way, you will be enjoying fun activities and great weather. Rio Tinto Stadium is also where the Utah Royals FC play, and their games are a great way to embrace the new season. Regardless of your interest in soccer, you can surely find entertainment, and enjoyment in these events! The stadium is also located near many restaurants, and a movie theatre, for more activities after.

9- Redwood Swap Meet 

The Redwood Swap Meet is an incredible activity for people who want to promote their small business, and also for those who want to look at the products and creations of small vendors! This event continues all year long and is complete with a huge variety of concessions, and shopping options. You can walk around, and discover new items, and collections. It is a great weekend activity that you can go to on a regular basis!

10 – The SLC Gallery Stroll 

The Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll is a special activity, that provides you with endless opportunities to enjoy free art. On the 3rd Friday of each month, you can get free entrance into many galleries downtown. The galleries are completely open to the public after hours. You can simply walk around, meet artists, and find the masterpieces that speak to you, for no cost at all. Salt Lake City’s art-community is rapidly growing, and now is a great time to get involved with the local artists, and art exhibits.

11 – Urban Flea Market 

The Urban Flea Market is another fantastic way to enjoy local vendors and to shop for treasures that you would not find anywhere else. Admission for adults is only $2, and this event takes place downtown on the first Sunday of every month. The spring dates will be (April 12th, May 3rd, and June 14th). There is free parking available, and plenty of activities, and attractions for everyone to be apart of. You do not want to miss this unique way to shop for one of a kind items!

12 – Hale Center Theatre 

If you enjoy the arts, you will love the Hale Center Theatre. Here, you can find a variety of plays throughout the spring months like Bright Star, Strictly Ballroom, Mary Poppins, and Million Dollar Quartet. There is a show for every type of interest with the perfect blend of classic favorites, and newer theatrics. Tickets range in price for each show, however, if you’re looking for a deal, you will want to look into the matinee tickets.

13 – Utah Museum of Contemporary Art 

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is an up, and coming art museum that features rare, and thought-provoking art exhibits. During the celebration of Earth Day, the UMOCA is inviting every one of all ages to participate in activities that dive deep into learning more about our earth. Right now, the museum is highlighting artists such as Adrian Stimson, Trishelle Jeffery, Ya’El Pedroza, and more. Find yourself learning more about the intricate, and inspiring world of contemporary art.

To Conclude…

These activities are just a few of the many fun, and inspiring options available! There are so many things to do in Salt Lake City, especially during the spring. The weather is clearing up, and outdoor recreation opportunities are now available. In the midst of having fun, don’t forget to check out a few of Salt Lake’s must-try restaurants, and coffee shops.

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