Are You Salt Lake City Apartment Hunting? These 2 Complexes Put You Next to the Best Restaurants

My friends make fun of me for believing that a Salt Lake City apartment is only as good as the nearby restaurants, but it’s the truth. Think about it, you’re going to end up in a restaurant at least once a week — would you rather spend all that time eating fast-food junk, or would you rather have the best food in the city to choose from? That’s what I thought.

These apartments are, without a doubt, next to some of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City:

The Charleston – 470 S 1300 East, $575 – 1,089

These apartments have incredible views of Salt Lake City and are moments away from the University of Utah. Plus, the local shops and attractions are divine. Speaking of divine, wait till you try the restaurants:

  • Barbacoa – serving the best burritos in the valley, I know people who have gotten jobs here just so they could have free burritos.
  • The Pie Pizzeria – for when you need the uncontested best pizza in Salt Lake City, this place will give you thick crust, gobs of gooey cheese, and piles of toppings.
  • Market Street Broiler – the place in Salt Lake City that actually gets seafood right. A little pricey, but worth every penny. Everyone in the city craves the clam chowder here.
  • Café Trio – great Italian food in a minimalist, super-clean setting, with somehow-affordable prices. This place grows on you a little more each time you return.

Park Capitol– 215 North Main Street, $644 – 1,324

On Capitol Hill, these apartments are within walking distance of just about everything. I lived a few blocks from here for several years and I truly regret leaving the area. I just might miss the restaurants the most. Here are my favorites:

  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – do not plan to have any money left when you leave this dressy corner of God’s own kitchen, but do plan to have had the best meal you can find in Salt Lake City. I’ve never had anything less than a perfect experience here.
  • The Lion House Pantry Restaurant – here, you eat the freshest softest rolls on the planet with butter and a touch of jam and remember nothing else about the meal.
  • The Roof Restaurant – a buffet (don’t cringe) that shames all other buffets. Is it possible to have a 5-star buffet? The food here is as delicious as the view. Be aware that the restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol.

When you get ready to move into your next Salt Lake City apartment, ask yourself if it’s near so many wonderful restaurants. If not, visit some of these restaurants to make sure you understand what you’ll be giving up; then, reconsider the great apartments listing above.

How about you? Any luck finding Salt Lake City apartments? Comment below.

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