Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist Bedroom

The premise of minimalism is simple. It’s not so much about having less, as it is about loving what you do have. And if you don’t love a belonging? Get rid of it! Minimalism requires you to really pare down your belongings to the ones that make you truly happy. We all have those sweaters in our closets, those games in the attic, the decorations in the garage that we DON’T USE! Apartments are perfect for an exercise in minimalism due to the desire to maximize space. Use the space you do have carefully, filling it with things you find either exceptionally beautiful or profoundly useful. With that in mind, here is our beginner’s guide to a minimalist apartment:


A minimalist bedroom has several features: a simple color scheme (with muted hues and perhaps accent pieces), hidden storage, and a good dose of texture.


Minimalism takes use of neutral, muted colors with (often) an accent color that provides a much needed color pop to the room. The colors used in minimalism (white, gray, black)reflect that of minimalism’s theme: simple and muted! If you’re renting a space that you cannot paint, reflect the color scheme through bed linens, rugs, and furniture. Consider repainting your night stand, dresser, or bookcase.


Minimalism LOVES natural light, and it’s easy to see why. Natural light gives a space a complimentary glow and also cuts down on your utilities bill. If your space does not have many windows, you can help create more light through the use of mirrors in the room (which will also make your space look bigger!). You can also use light, sheer curtains to keep with your simple color scheme, as well as bring more light into the space without sacrificing privacy.

Focal piece of art

Imagine minimalism as a camera lens that is focusing on one point for emphasis. With less clutter in a space, you want the space to look sophisticated, not empty. One way to establish this class is to create a focal point within the space. With your eye resting on one facet in the space, it will look dramatic rather than stark.

We really recommend a piece or pieces of art to fill the space. Creating a gallery wall will add personality and focus to your bedroom! Feel free to use the focal point as your pop of color, as well. A teal mural hanging over your bed could be just what the space calls for.

(Hidden) Storage

Even with extreme minimalism, there are necessary belongings we own that take up space. Such belongings could include clothes, books, linens, school supplies, outdoor gear, etc. The key to de-cluttering your space is to have a place for everything. If something doesn’t have a place, it needs to be assigned one or it needs to go. It’s that simple!

Making use of storage space in a minimalist bedroom can get tricky. Minimalism is all about less, so what do you do with the stuff you do have? Some well-placed storage pieces will help conceal your things, and add more design to your space. Choosing a nightstand with drawers, like this one from Wayfair, or a bed with under-storage, such as this one from Houzz, will help to de-clutter your space. Benches at the foot of the bed will also help give your room more storage.

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