Salt Lake City Projects Designed To Help Residents Thrive

The mayor of Salt Lake City, Erin Mendenhall, recently announced a variety of proposals today August 19, 2020. The solutions are designed to assist Salt Lake City residents during COVID-19. The recent closure of many businesses has lead to continued unemployment. Many are wondering what the city will do with the problems at hand?

What are the proposed projects?

With the announced six projects, Salt Lake City would be allocating $250,000 dollars for assistance. This money will go towards increasing public wifi, helping communities of color, and providing relief for utility bills. These solutions are going to be developed at a crucial time. Each of them will be extremely helpful for a variety of residents throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Mendenhall wanted to emphasize that these are handcrafted to not only help in the current moment but in the future.

One of the proposed solutions, public WiFi systems will help establish digital equality improvements. It will also help those who are transitioning from public workspaces to remote work. Not every resident of Salt Lake has internet at home, so this will be an important solution for many. Public wifi can also help others to find jobs and can assist in lowering the unemployment rates.

Another proposed solution was to donate $25,000 to the Arts Council. This would help to support diversity, and inclusion training, as well as a focus on community artists of color. Help has also been offered to The Association for Utah Community Health, an organization that is helping residents of Salt Lake City recover from unexpected health expenses.

Overall these projects would assist with a variety of utilities, water bills, health supply shortages, and as well as encourage a greater focus on inclusion in Salt Lake City. All of these steps seem like the right direction to helping residents thrive. The coming weeks will reveal more details, and the progress can begin!

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