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Flood Gate Tampered With; Salt Lake City Rentals Flooded

by Daniel E. Fava
Apts Salt Lake City: flooding

Apts Salt Lake City: floodingAs a follow up to my article on Salt Lake City rentals I found this and wanted to link to it.

Vandals broke into a Salt Lake City flood control facility a second time according to city officials. The break-ins occured at 2 different locations.

Both times the intruders cut the fence, the locks, and the cables that are used to secure the flood gates which protect Salt Lake City rentals and homes in the area.

Fortunately for people who live  in rentals in Salt Lake City the water was backed up into a detention basin and did not cause any flooding according to the folks at https://www.abc4.com/mostpopular/story/Flood-gate-tampered-with-again/gWAgieW9sUKchUvLOuvx0w.cspx.

A similar incident happened several days ago causing the basement of one home to be flooded as well as an apartment parking lot used for Salt Lake City rentals.

How about you?  Any luck finding Salt Lake City rentals? Comment below.

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