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apts salt lake city: dog inside

apts salt lake city: dog insideAs a follow up to my article on your Salt Lake City rental I found this and wanted to link to it.

When you move into Salt Lake City rentals there are some things you should never do. If you want to keep your apartment that is.

If your apartment has a no pets policy don’t go out and adopt a pet. Apartment owners often look at pets as a liability because of the potential to damage things.

Don’t play loud music. Keep your TV and stereo turned down to a level that cannot be heard outside your apartment. If you play a musical instrument make sure you don’t disturb your neighbors with it.

Take care of your property. Landlords don’t like it when their property is destroyed. You will probably have to pay for any damages and that could be costly.

Skip paying rent. This is the worst thing you can do at Salt Lake City rentals according to the folks at https://www.therentables.com/blog/5-fastest-ways-to-get-evicted.

How about you?  Any luck finding Salt Lake City rentals? Comment below.

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