City Creek Center Opens Underground Parking Garage for Apartment Rental in Salt Lake City

apts salt lake city: carAs a follow up to my article on apartment rental in Salt Lake City I found this and wanted  to link to it.

It’s still 9 months till the opening of City Creek Place in Salt Lake City but people are already taking advantage of the undeground parking intended for apartment rental in Salt Lake City and other business owners.

Most of City Creek’s west parking is open to the public with hourly, daily, and monthly parking offered. The parking garage has four levels.

“Some of the parking spaces are reserved for office tenants and residents of apartments and condominiums,” spokesman Dale Bills said. “But areas of the garage designated for City Creek shoppers when it opens next spring already are available for use.”

City Creek Center will provide approximately 800,000 square feet of retail and dining space when it opens in march 2012 according to the folks at

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