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8 Kinds of Apartments You’ll Find in Salt Lake City

by Megan Finley
Salt Lake City

Finding the perfect apartment begins with knowing what your options are! Luckily, here in Utah, there are quite a few variations of apartment layouts to fit your individual style and needs. To assist you in finding the best match for you, we’ve crafted a nifty guide to the eight main styles of apartments you’ll find in your search. Ready to find your new home?

1. Studio Apartments

Studio apartments aren’t just for college students; they’re the perfect way of maximizing space and balancing a budget! Usually composed of one room that serves as an open living area, a studio apartment may be small in size, but mighty in utility. According to Apartment Guide, studio apartments tend to be between 300 and 600 square feet, though they can be smaller (see: Micro Apartments). 

Salt Lake City boasts a plethora of studio floor plans across many multifamily properties. While many newer complexes contain studio floor plans, the majority of SLC studios have been converted from historic buildings, giving your apartment character, charm, and class. 

Featured Property: Barbara Worth Apartments

2. Alcove Apartments

Alcove apartments are studios with a bit of design ‘oomph’. Also called an ‘L-Shape Studio,’ these units are characterized by an alcove that separates the main room from a sleeping area. The benefits? This layout gives room for a single/double bed to be tucked away, allowing more privacy for the tenants and a small sanctuary away from the main living room. While not all too different from a studio’s size, preference for this kind of apartment comes down to one’s preference for an open or cozy floor plan. We like both!

Featured Property: Cottonwood Apartments in Salt Lake City

3. Luxury Apartments

In the world of multifamily marketing, the word ‘luxury’ gets tossed around quite a bit. In truth, the definition of luxury apartments has changed through time; once almost solely associated with high-rises, luxury multifamily properties don’t necessarily have to be New York-style, stacked buildings. A more modern definition encompasses apartments with higher-end finishes, amenities, and services. While certainly more pricey than a bare-bones apartment, these communities compete to bring you the best of what multifamily living can offer.

Featured Property: Braxton at Trolley Square

4. Micro Apartments

If sustainability is your thing, consider a micro apartment! These units range anywhere from 100-599 square feet. While similar to a studio apartment, these floor plans usually have more space constraints, but plan for this in their design. Smaller appliances, loft areas, and shared communal areas within the complex make navigating the limited space a breeze. Affordable micro apartments are often found in densely-populated cities where real estate is more difficult to come by and more expensive by the square footage, meaning you can typically find these in more cramped areas of Salt Lake, such as the Temple Square area.

Featured Property: Greenprint at the Trax

5. Loft Apartments

A loft space inspires with its potential. While most lofts are converted from an industrial space, they don’t necessarily have to be; they are usually defined by their wide-open floor plan that has little (or no) interior walls. This often makes way for a large living space with wide windows, bringing a sense of unique charm and creative possibility. While lofts offer incredible potential for personal expression, they can be more pricey than their studio counterparts.  

Featured Property: The Lofts at Fort Union

6. Duplex Apartments

A duplex is a multi-family home that has two units in the same building. These two units always share a common wall, but the floor plan can vary. Units can be arranged either side by side or stacked on top of one another, each occupying an entire floor or two of the building.

7. Railroad Apartments

Railroad apartments are named for their straight floor plan as they usually consist of three to four rooms connected without a hallway to form a long, thin rectangle. This type of apartment is often found in smaller and older buildings.

8. Walk-Up Apartments

When you’re looking to rent an affordable apartment in a densely populated area, consider a walk-up apartment. Walk-up apartments come as micro-units, efficiencies, studios, multi-bedrooms, or even as brownstones. One of the best aspects of renting a walk-up apartment is they offer a cheaper alternative to expensive housing, especially in a city environment. Here’s what else to know about walk-up apartments.

Simply put, a walk-up apartment is one that you have to climb stairs to get to. You won’t find an elevator in the building, and access to the apartment only comes from climbing stairs. Often located in older multi-family dwellings with four to six levels, walk-up apartments offer numerous benefits for the right person or family.

Featured Apartment: Pauline Apartments

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