5 Salt Lake City Thrift Shops You Need To Check Out

Have you been to one of the many thrift shops in Salt Lake City? Thrifting and second-hand shopping is a great thing for so many reasons. It is good for the environment, as fast-fashion impacts the planet in many negative ways. Always shopping at large stores comes at an environmental cost, and the fast-fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions. When you shop second-hand, you’re making a difference.

Thrifting can be the perfect way to save money as many of the clothes are often lower priced. Not to mention, when you’re thrifting you can often find items that you wouldn’t otherwise come across. Vintage pieces, unique clothing, and one of a kind materials are usually only in the world of thrifting! Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front are home to many thrift shops that carry a variety of styles. If you haven’t looked much into the world of thrifting before, now is the time to begin. Explore Salt Lake City, while saving money, and helping the environment. It is a win, win, win!

1 – iconoCLAD

iconoCLAD is an incredible local thrift shop that sells previously rocked stuff! It has repeatedly been voted as one of the best new, and secondhand shops in Salt Lake City over the last several years. Here, you’ll find a variety of styles and clothing options. From vintage apparel to shoes, to everything in -between, you’ll surely be able to find the thrifting you’re looking for. As a long-time resident of Salt Lake, I have frequented iconcoCLAD on many occasions, and have always found amazing pieces, for a great price. I love that I can find modern styles, along with retro, and vintage pieces. If you’re getting ready to check out thrift shops in Salt Lake, you definitely need to add this one to the top of your list!

2 – The Other Side Thrift Boutique

The Other Side Thrift Boutique has become one of my favorite thrift shops for many reasons! Not only does this store have a wide selection of items to thrift, but the store has an empowering mission to give back to the local community. 100% of the profits of The Other Side Thrift Boutique go to The Other Side Academy. The Other Side Academy is a residential life skills training school for men and women who have struggled with addiction, criminal history, and homelessness. This thrift shop in Salt Lake City is committed to making an impact in their local neighborhood. So shopping here will not only be great for you, but it will also benefit those struggling around you. Discover the clothes, household decorations, and more that you’ve been waiting for at The Other Side Thrift.

3 – Home Again

Home Again Consignment Hardware in Salt Lake City is home to affordable home furnishings that have character and a charming flair! Home Again hosts a fun environment that provides you with endless treasures to choose from. It has been opened since 2007 and has made shopping a treat since. Decorating your home can become expensive, and it can often consist of a lot of shopping around. Shopping at Home Again, makes your decorating a breeze! Plus you get items with a story. Find the adorable details that you have been looking to place in your Salt Lake City apartment, and check out this thrift shop.

4 – Lillies Of The Fields

Lillies Of The Fields is a non-profit organization and thrift shop that has a mission to help those who are in need. This organization prioritizes helping the homeless, mentally challenged, newly released prisoners, refugees, and more. Shopping here will help you to uncover items that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find, and you will also be giving back to your local community. Here, you’ll find clothing, glassware, and furniture! Each time I have been to Lillies Of The Fields, I have loved my experience. I have left with completely one of kind vintage items, and have also loved to support a local non-profit that is so dedicated to community activism.

5 – Name Droppers

Name Droppers is an upscale resale boutique that has two locations around Salt Lake City. This store started with the foundation to be a place where you can find high-end designer clothes for a fraction of the price. It originally opened in 1995 and has been successfully serving thrifters around SLC since then. The racks are full of clothing that is completely one of a kind, and the employees are extremely helpful. Here, you’ll find designer bags, shoes, jewelry, and accessories! If you’re trying to find extremely high-end items for a lower price, this is definitely the place for you.

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