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Apartment Hacks for Pet Owners

by Daniel E. Fava
Apartment Tips for Pets

Oh our pets….how we love them (the snuggling, the playful energy, the unconditional validation they give us), and how our apartment sometimes suffers because of them (the hair, the chewing, the constant scratching at the door to go out). Here are some apartment hacks for your beautiful, sometimes rowdy, furry roommates (and no, we don’t mean your roommate’s boyfriend Steve who hangs out why too often….). Save yourself the security deposit AND the hassle:

Five Apartment Hacks for Pet Owners

1. Living on the first floor

Apartment Pet Hack: live on the first floor!

Here’s the thing about pets: they need to go outside, a lot. They like to take walks, they need to go to the bathroom, and sometimes they just want to be outside near those squirrels. If you live on the ninth floor of a walk-up, this can be a hassle. In, out, in, out! Will it never end??

We suggest if you’re apartment hunting with pets, look for units on the first floor! Your legs will thank you later when you just have to get off your couch and open the door rather than walk down three flights of stairs. Even if your apartment has an elevator, there is a satisfying convenience of walking right outside to the grassy area.

On that note, look for amenities that reward your pet. Bark parks, dog washing stations, and dog parks nearby all contribute not just to pet-friendly apartments, but pet-enthusiastic homes!

2. Anti-Chew Spray

If your pets are ruining your security deposit with their restless chewing, we have resources for you! There are several “Anti-Chew” sprays out there that is safe for your pets, but will salvage your furniture. We recommend Bitter Apple Spray, which you can pick up at your local pet store.

3. Clean up dog hair easily

The thing about your furry friends is that they have fur….a LOT of it! And when that fur needs somewhere to go, it’s often your sofa or floor that suffers. By buying rubber gloves, getting them slightly damp, and rubbing them across your furniture, you’ll pick up the hair easily and cheaply!

For carpets, try a squeegee and for hardwood, a broom should take care of the problem!

4. Keep your cat off the table

Apartment Hack for Cats

If there are surfaces you want your little furball to avoid, simply lay down a piece of tinfoil. Your kitty won’t want to step on the surface, and you avoid any harsh chemicals or products. It’s a safe, cheap way to preserve your eating spaces!

5. Make your own scratch post and toys

If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a scratching post, you can easily make one yourself. Simply get a wide piece of wood and glue some sandpaper to the outside. Yep, it really is that simple! Your cat won’t mind the lack of finesse.

For dog toys to keep your little pup entertained, try slicing a 2 inch cut into a tennis ball and sticking some dog treats in there, or something that makes noise. Your dog will be entertained for quite a while and you’ll get some much needed respite.


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